Human Growth Hormone: The Fountain of Youth?

Hitting 40 years of age is like hitting a brick wall in terms of physicality. Energy levels flag, eyesight weakens, libido begins to wane, and the aches and pains of an aging musculoskeletal system begin to manifest. Of course, this is a perfectly natural process; but, it is something that can be countered, given some fundamental understanding of hormone levels and specific techniques to increase their outflow.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is present in everyone. It is released into the circulation by the pituitary gland, which resides in the brain. As the human body ages, the levels of HGH slow down significantly, and produce the feelings and symptoms of aging. The good news is that there are certain things we can do to reverse this effect, and within days begin to feel vibrant and youthful once again.

Before getting into the available supplements that stimulate HGH release, there are certain lifestyle habits that coincide with higher HGH levels.

HGH Exercise

1) Exercise:

The very act of moving around and exerting oneself has the beneficial effect of HGH release, especially if done on an empty stomach. This is so purely because the blood sugar levels must be stable during exercise for HGH to release. Eating a heavy meal before exercising defeats this effect.

2) Sleep:

Getting enough rest is essential for HGH release. In fact, most HGH release occurs within the first two hours of being asleep. Again, the body’s glucose levels must be stable for this to occur, so eating before bedtime would inhibit this process.

3) Fasting:

Even short-term fasting, lasting as little as 24 hours, has the beneficial effect of releasing HGH as well as cleansing the organs of toxins and wastes.

Realigning one’s habits favorably is only one part of the anti-aging equation. An amino acid regimen is the second part, which when done correctly can effectively stimulate the pituitary and restore both vim and vigor.

1) Arginine:

Taking 1-3 grams of arginine daily on an empty stomach, one hour before exercising and before bedtime is extremely beneficial. Arginine is potentiated by the amino acids lysine and ornithine. These three amino acids can frequently be found together in one bottle at most any health food store.


2) GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid):

another amino acid that works extraordinarily well by inhibiting neurotransmitters in the brain, which promotes calmness and feelings of euphoria. Taken with niacin, GABA is more readily absorbed and utilized. As with the other amino acids, GABA should be taken on an empty stomach before exercise and sleep.

When combined correctly, amino acids and a healthy lifestyle can make the difference between feeling depressed and effete, and feeling vigorous and youthful. I, myself, have found this regimen to be highly effective. I no longer rely on caffeine for energy, and my body responds much more readily to exercise and daily demands. An added benefit to higher HGH levels is the burning of more body fat and increase in muscle mass.

Perhaps the fountain of youth is not some far away place after all. Perhaps, growing young is not making radical changes through surgery or living vicariously through other, younger folk. Perhaps, the fountain of youth lies in taking a personal inventory of one’s daily habits combined with a few advances in nutrition.