Five Great Fat Burning Exercises for Men

After researching fat burning exercises geared towards men, the top five effective and popular are listed below.

1- Squat movements
2- Pushing Exercises
3-Pulling Exercises
4-Single Leg Exercises
5- Total body Ab Exercises


This should always be the exercise used first in the series of five . For men just starting a workout routine, always remember to start out slow, and increase repititions as needed. The squat exercise will work your upper legs and lower back, and is a good calorie-burner.


Pushing exercises

Second in the series, this requires either a dumbbell press, bench press, or any kind of push-up. As with the squats, this exercise also burns a lot of calories due to many muscles being used. Repition is recommended, usually in groups of ten.

Next are the pulling exercises

These can be pull-ups, seated rows, dumbbell rows, or simply anything allowing you to move in a pulling motion. This will work your upper back, arms, lats, and part of your lower back. To obtain progross in your lower back, remain in an upright position. As with the first two, this is a high fat-burning activity, as well a muscle-builder.

Once you have completed the first three parts, you have completed most of the target workout, and if desired,you can forgo the last two parts of the series. If you have the time, and strength to continue, the final two steps will kick your fat-burning activities up a notch or two.

Step four is the single leg exercise

This consists of working one at a time, using a dumbbell if desired. This is strictly lower body benefit. Always keep your back straight, and both feet flat on the floor.

The final step in the process of five is the total boy ab exercises, and consists of a variety of options.
An ab wheel, a stability ball, a hanging knee raise, or even a mountain climber can be used for this fat burning exercise.

single leg exercise

If a gym member, you can use cable chops and cable crunches. This is just as effective as exercises without equipment from the gym. These aren’t your sissy crunches, by working your arms, torso, and legs, you are completing the five step fat burning workout.

The great thing about these five fat burning exercises is the unending possibilities in switching up the daily routine. Follow the exercises in the order listed, but remember that each exercise offer plenty of ways to switch it up.

Again, the fat burning exercise routine consists of: squats, pushing, pulling, single legs, and ab exercises. The routine could be repeated three times a week for optimum results. This fat burning exercise routine should really jump start your fat burning results.

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