Chest Exercise Routine Using Kettlebell Training

When it comes to working out, it can be tough to stay motivated. Once a routine has been established, it can feel like the same old workout over and over again. To break up the monotony, it is imperative to introduce new challenges into the workout routine. Enter the kettlebells.

The kettlebell has grown in popularity in recent years and has started to become a regular piece of workout equipment in gyms throughout the world. The kettlebell gets its name because it looks like a small kettle. The “bell” part of the equipment is a large round mass which provides a bulk of the weight. There is also a handle on the “bell” which reaches from one side to the other, thus looking like a kettle.

Most synonymous with dumbbells, kettlebell exercises mirror many of the same moves. Here is a look at a few different chest exercises that can be performed with a set of kettlebells.

Kettlebell Floor Press

The Kettlebell Floor Press

Find a weight that is comfortable to perform the exercise. It might be helpful to use the same size kettlebells as one would use dumbbells to complete the exercise.

Items Needed

Kettlebells Mat on the floor (for comfort) Performing the Kettle Bell Floor Press

Lay on the mat facing the ceiling with one kettlebell placed at each side. Take hold of each kettlebell so that they are shoulder width apart and positioned just above each shoulder. This is the starting position Press the kettlebells up until each arm is full extended. Lower the kettlebells back down until the starting position is reached. Complete 3 sets of 12 repetitions.
A Variation on the Kettlebell Floor Press

One simple variation of this exercise is to alternate arms when completing the exercise. One arm will be pressing up, while the other arm is coming down returning to the starting position.

The Kettlebell Flys

This kettlebell exercise can be performed from the same position as the Kettlebell Floor Press. It may be beneficial to do a set of Kettle Flys in between sets of the Kettlebell Floor Press.

Kettlebell Flys

Items Needed

Kettlebells Mat on the floor (for comfort)

Performing the Kettlebell Flys

Lay on the mat facing the ceiling with both arms outstretched to the side. The kettlebells should be within reach of the hands. Take hold of the handle on each kettlebell and slowly raise them up until both hands are next to each other above the chest. Lower the kettlebells back to the starting position. (Do not rest the kettlebells on the floor.) This completes one repetition. Perform 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

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