Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

As a plastic surgeon I am offered asked what anti-aging skin care products to you recommend? Any skin care regimen should consist of several products. First, I recommend a gentle cleanser that will not strip the necessary oils from your skin. Soaps are great for cleaning but are harsh and can dry out your skin.

I recommend a creamy cleanser that moisturizers your skin as you gently remove debris. When drying your skin with a towel gently pat dry rather then aggressively rub which can cause damage.

skin care products

Next their are two options. The better choice would be a Retin-A or retinol product. These products have been shown over and over to help build collagen in the skin as well as prevent fine lines.

The problem with this product is that they are not tolerated by everyone. They can inflame the skin and can cause a dermatitis.. The newer versions have added anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories which decrease the incidence of dermatitis, allowing more people to benefit from them.

It is important to use these products at night so that there is no sun exposure after applying. When first using Retin-A and Retinol products you should use them every other night and in an amount no larger then a pea, even an amount as small as a pea will cover your face.

Glycolic acids can be used instead of Retinol products. They do not reduce fine lines as well as the RetinA products but they can help renew the skin. By exfoliating the skin the older skin cells are shed allowing a more uniform and smoother skin to be revealed.

moisturizer skin

A moisturizer should be used after a Retinol or Glycolic is used. In the morning the moisturizer should include an SPF to help prevent sun damage. A good Moisturizer will help nourish the skin, look for a moisturizer with antioxidants to help reverse the signs of aging.

A good skin care regimen will help prevent the signs of aging. Remember to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water as these are important for your health as well.