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10 Foods That All Diabetics Should Avoid

Diabetes is a lifelong metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels caused by lack of insulin or lack of response to insulin. Food choice plays a crucial role in determining the instabilities in blood sugar levels throughout the day. If you don’t want your blood sugar level to fluctuate and keep it within the safe range, you need to discard few foods from your diet entirely. You need to eat foods that can have positive effect on your blood glucose levels and avoid foods that can cause sudden spikes in your blood sugar. To avoid complication you should eliminate these ten foods from your diet and start to use best probiotic pills like the one in this review.

10 Foods That All Diabetics Should Avoid

High Sugar Foods

Sugar in any form, particularly high sugar foods, should be discarded by diabetics. High sugar foods like candies, cookies, soda and syrup and sugary drinks not only lack nutritional value, but they can spike your blood sugar level dramatically and can also contribute to weight gain and can even lead to diabetes complications. Natural sugars present in fruits are exception. Diabetics can eat fruits like mangoes, apple, pears, berries, grapes and bananas in small quantities. They will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but are also packed with fiber which helps slow absorption of glucose, and make them a far better choice for sugar control. Adding them in your breakfast cereals, yogurt etc. will be a nice choice.

Fruit Juices

Diabetics should not choose fruit juices over whole fruits. Whole fruits contain fiber which is far better for sugar control. No doubt fruit juice contains more nutrition than soda and other soft drinks which is strict no-no to diabetics, the problem lies in concentrated amount of fruit sugar that fruit juices contain and can easily shoot up the blood sugar level.

Starchy Vegetables

Diabetics should stay away from vegetables that have high starch content like potatoes, sweet potatoes; sweet corn etc. Adding green leafy vegetables in your diet will be highly beneficial for you.

Refined Foods

Refined starches like white bread, white rice, white pasta and anything made with white flour act almost like sugar and interfere with blood glucose level. They also encourage insulin resistance, as a result of which it becomes all the more difficult to control the sugar levels. Brown rice, oatmeal, cereals bread and rice made of whole grains are better choices for diabetics. They are high in fiber and helps in slower and steadier rise in blood glucose level.

Dried Fruits

Diabetics should choose fresh fruit over dried fruit. Though dried fruit are rich in fiber and other nutrients, but snacking on them can cause your blood sugar to spike. This is because during dehydration process, the natural sugar contained in fruit gets concentrated which can result in sudden elevation in blood sugar.

Full Fat Dairy

For diabetics, consuming saturated fat can worsen insulin resistance. So stay away from full fat dairy milk and dairy products like yogurt and cheese, ice-cream etc. Choose low fat skimmed milk and other low fat or fat-free products.

Fried Foods

Indulging on greasy fried foods can cause blood glucose level to shoot up and also cause serious complications like heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight gain and uncontrolled diabetes. Fried foods are mostly laden with trans-fat and hydrogenated oils which are serious offenders for diabetes. So, stay away from fried foods which contain high amount of fat, sodium, carbs and calories. Still you can enjoy your favorite foods. There are many delicious and alternatives ways to satisfy your taste buds and stay healthy.

Fatty Meats

Diabetics are more prone to heart disease. Although meats are good sources of protein and doesn’t contain carbohydrate which spikes blood sugar to shoot, but some protein sources also contain high saturated fats like red meat and other sausages and are often breaded, fried and loaded with sodium like processed meat. Try to avoid these kinds of meat and fish that are high in saturated fat.

Avoid Bananas And Melon

We know that fruits are healthiest choice for any diet as they are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. However, diabetics need to avoid the fruits that are high in sugar like bananas, melons and peaches. They can cause blood sugar to spike. Fruits like apple and blueberries are a better choice.


Diabetics should avoid drinking alcohol as it can interfere with blood sugar levels. If you can’t avoid it completely, consume them in moderation; like it should not exceed more than one serving a day.Living with diabetes doesn’t mean starvation or deprivation. It is wise to avoid or limit the above mentioned foods which are high in calories, sodium, carbs and saturated fats and may also contain trans-fat.